About Us

A Brief look into the background:

HervL Artistes' Agency was founded by Melanie Callum in January 2012. 

Melanie had worked in retail for 25 years but struggled to gain recognition in order to progress to management which is where she felt that her capabilities were. She had always remained studious and continued with her studies whilst bringing up her two children after her divorce. 

She managed to maintain a good work-ilife breakdown by working part-time whilst her children were young even studying in the evenings, building an area of transferrable skills by doing various courses, such as a higher professional diploma in law and a legal secretaries certificate. Being a role model to her children and other young people was her main aim. 

Television debut and beyond:

Her first introduction to television came when she had appeared on Can’t Cook Wont Cook. She said that she felt so unprepared and startled by the cameras and live audience that she didn’t come across as being relaxed; which took her by surprise. Being aware of the way she felt; she set about putting herself in the position of becoming more comfortable in front of the camera and signed up to join an agency to become an Extra.

Over the next 10 years she appeared in various television series, films and adverts, which included; to name but a few:- Silent Witness, In Defence, The Green Wing, and Mile High. She started working full-time in the public sector in 2008 which meant she was unable to continue working as an Extra. 

It was in 2011 when she reevaluated her position, what her career prospects were in comparison to what she had achieved, along with the likelihood of her progressing further which culminated in her setting up her company.

The start of a new career:

HervL Artistes Agency was born in January 2012.  Using her experience, coupled with the skills that she had accumulated over the years that gave her the confidence to take what she loved doing most, Melanie had developed a company that worked for the best interest of Supporting Artistes, Actors, Dancers, Singers and Performing Artistes looking for work within the entertainment industry. 


At HervL Artistes Agency; It is our mission to create and maintain a diverse catalogue of artists from various areas across UK. We will provide a service that allows us to utilities facilities to showcase our artists for the benefit of them being in the forefront of job opportunities across the wide spectrum of the entertainment industry.


We look to manage and maintain a streamlined service that is efficient, effective, reliable and scalable for the benefit of all the artists we represent, our shareholders and stakeholders including the business associates that we provide artists 

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